Sri Lanka

The pearl drop on the southern coast of India, Sri Lanka is a holiday seekers dream. It's a small island with lots of nick names as Serendib, Ceylon, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dharma, Pearl of the Orient. The island is a nice blend of cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes and affectionate people. Relax on the world class beaches or head away to the serene forests filled with an exciting wild life, explore the age old rich cultural heritage of the island or escape the heat at the tea plantations. Choice is yours as Sri Lanka has all these to offer!

The pear shaped island situated 29 kms from the south eastern coast of India boasts of one of the best tea plantations in the world. As a matter fact tea gardens are regarded as the one of the major tourist attractions of the country. It is also a major contributor to the economy of the island.

The topography of the island is divided in two distinct parts. The southern part of the country is dominated by the central massifs and the irregular landscapes while the northern parts are dotted with plains and rivers. 40% of the island is covered by forests and the coastal lines are interrupted by numerous Lagoons. The sandy beaches all along the coast attracts thousands of tourists to Sri Lanka every year.

The rich reserve of the flora and fauna in Sri Lanka gives the island an edge over others in terms of tourists attraction. The climate also plays a vital role in the growth of these rich bio diversified part of the island. Reach for the beautiful hill stations or the pristine sea beaches you will find peace of mind everywhere in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a very religious country with the religion playing pivotal role in the lifestyle of the locals. The majority of the population is dominated by Buddhism. Hindus, Muslims and Christians also prevail in the island. The population is distinctly divided into the Sinhalese and the Tamil population. Being a major tourists attraction of the world English is widely spoken in the island. offers information about Sri Lanka along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour.

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