St. Barts

"Whenever I prepare for a journey I prepare as though for death. Should I never return, all is in order."
Katherine Mansfield

St. Barts is exactly that kind of destination from where you won't want to get back. Think of one beach-fringed volcanic isle, sizzling in the tropical sun. Add a handful of French maritime adventurers. Turn up the heat, and adjoin luxurious villas, stylish small hotels, and world class French restaurants.

Are you looking for a sophisticated relaxation and rustic charm? Come on! You are thinking of St. Barts Island.

With only 7000 inhabitants, this South American isle has no big resorts, no casinos and no golf courses. Now if the question is why to visit this spot, the answer will be beautiful beaches, breathtaking vistas and a fantastic array of wonderful restaurants. Come here to enjoy an ideal climate. Get mesmerized by the crystal blue waters with an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit making them perfect for swimming.

The island is actually a discovery of Christopher Columbus in 1493. It was purportedly named after his brother Bartoloméo. At first a Dutch pilot, Rémy de Haenen, made a daring landing on the pasture in St. Jean where the airport sits today on this islet. The runway was eventually paved but people continued to wait for flights under a tree until a terminal was constructed in the 1980's.

With nonchalance, happiness, warmth and exotic locale, St-Barts is welcoming you. Get charmed with its collage of landscapes and the variety of pleasures.

Your stay will leave you with the beautiful souvenir of balmy tropical evenings persuaded by the local tune, flavored with vanilla and peppered with Caribbean spices. Seeking for lazy days with the company of the sea? This isle will provide you all needed for a perfect getaway.

Therefore if you want to enjoy a perfect getaway, you must rush to the exotic St. Barts. offers information on St. Barts. For more information on St. Barts and other islands worldwide, keep browsing through Travour.

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