Amelia Island Ferry

Travel across the distances of Amelia island through the Amelia Island Ferry. The ferry service connects some of the major destinations around Amelia. The regular service provides a quality journey in high speed and efficient boats.

The Amelia Island are connected to the St. Johns through the ferry service. The service is known as the St. Johns Ferry Service which provides crossing facilities (northbound and southbound) of the A1A highway. This connects Mayport Road to Heckscher Drive on Ft. George Island. This ferry runs for all the days of the week.

Amelia is also connected to the Fernandina Beach city through the Ferry service. This advance service in Amelia will take you to the Isle of 8 Flags Marina and the Amelia Plantations.

The ferry to Mayport starts early at 6 in the morning. The ferry transit continues till late in the night. The regular service operates after every half an hour.

The schedule for the Ft. George is also quite similar to that of the Mayport service. After the early morning rush hour the ferry service cooperates at the interval of quarter and three quarter hour.

Other than the normal transit the ferry service is also used for the angling purpose in the island. The professional anglers use the speed boats for catching their prize catch.

Enjoy the fun of Amelia in the ferry service. Zoom through the water ways! offers information about Amelia Island Ferry along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour.

Last Updated On: 20th Jan 2013