Tourist Attractions in Amelia Island

Popularity of any tourists destination depends on the various attractions of the place. The more the attractions the popular the place becomes. Amelia Island is no exception and the tourist attractions in Amelia Island makes it possible. The various attractions has enabled Amelia to develop itself as a major tourism spot on the world.

One of the major attraction of Amelia is the beach. It is 13 mile long stretch of white sands. The amazing beauty of the beach on the Atlantic is truly magnificent. Tourists and the locals flock in to enjoy the very best of entertainment and enjoyment.

Amelia is the only island In USA which has sustained the domination of eight different flagship. Presently the Centre Street is considered to be the centre stage for all the happenings the Centre Street showcases the rich history if the island. The streets are lined with Victorian homes, century-old brick buildings, palmetto trees and a recently renovated colonial post office building.

Strolling down the street will take you to some of the better bed and breakfast inns of the island. This part also includes some great restaurants, and a collection of shops selling antiques, collectibles, books, food, and clothing.

Every view of the city has some resemblance with the past British rule. The buildings, the monuments, the architecture; every other place in the island portrays the timelessness character of the rule. The fort Clinch in the island stands firm as the witness to the famous Spanish-American War. Recently this fort is transformed into a scenic and educational adventure center. Excursion to this fort is very enchanting.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Plantation plot of Amelia Island. Also you can visit the island as a birth place for the present day Shrimp industry.

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