Weather in Amelia Island

The Amelia Island is located in the state of Florida in United States of America. Being located on the northern part of the state the island is comparatively cooler than the southern part. The winters are quite cool with temperature going down to 60 degree Fahrenheit. The island features different activities for different seasons. The sea is enjoyable in the summers and the winter is characterized by the game of Golf.

The island experiences cool breezes from the sea but thankfully there is no effect of hurricanes in this island. Occasional thunderstorms do come into effect but they never grow strong enough.

The best time to visit the Island are the months of April, May and June. Some visitors prefer the winters in Amelia with Golf taking the centre stage.

Essentially Amelia has four seasons throughout the year. These are:


The seson which brings warmth in the atmosphere with blue and clear sky.


The temperature rises a bit making a perfect start for the day. The sunrise and the sunset are simply adorable.


The time when the season starts changing. The winter approaches quickly. The season is characterized by constant breeze and lower sun angle.

The season is characterized wit dry spells and crisp air. Bird spotting takes its prime position during this period. offers information about Weather in Amelia Island along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour.

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