Aruba Ferry

Aruba provides some of the memorable experiences in one's holiday. The island comprises of stunningly beautiful sights and great facilities which lends a magical touch to the vacations. A ferry service makes the tour more interesting. Aruba Ferry is not a frequent service provided by the island.

Travelers are informed about the fact that the ferry service in Aruba are not the best you will get to avail. Presently, there is least possibility of getting a proper ferry service from Aruba, though the island served the tourists with a ferry service connecting Bonaire or Curaçao.

There are very few places connected to Aruba through ferry services. These are De Palm Island and Punto Fijo (Venezuela). De Palm is just 5 miles away from the shores of Aruba and is quite a popular destination among the travelers.

Punto Fijo in Venezuela will be shortly connected to Aruba through Lusitania Expresso ferry service.

The ferry is popular among the tourists as a mode of enjoying a sunset, inland cruising, dinner, fishing, dive adventures in the glass-bottom boats.

Also popular among vacationers are glass-bottom boats, dinner and sunset cruises and fishing and dive adventures. Although transportation is not the primary objective of watercrafts circling Aruba, many kinds of activities are available from the deck of a boat. offers information about Aruba Ferry along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour

Last Updated On: 23rd Jan 2013