Ko Phi Phi

To enjoy any vacation it is very important to check out the accommodation facility of the place as well. A holiday in the beautiful islands of Ko Phi Phi is made memorable with the sort of accommodation it offers to its guest.


Ko Phi Phi offers a wide range of accommodation facilities to the tourists. From the simple Beach Huts to Luxurious Villas. Ko Phi Phi has it all! The best part of every accommodation is the easy access to the sea from the hotels.


Travour offers you the categorization of the accommodations in Ko Phi Phi according to their locations.


  • Laem Hin Beach


    Arayaburi Resort

    Bay View Resort


  • Loh Dalam Bay


    Holiday Inn Resort (former Palm Beach Travelodge Phi Phi)

    Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort


  • Leamtong Beach


    P.P. Erawan Palms Resort


  • Loh Ba Kao Bay


    Pee Pee Island Village


  • Ton Sai Bay


    Phi Phi Banyan Villa

    Phi Phi Hotel


  • Laem Tong Bay


    Phi Phi Natural Resort

    Zeavola Resort

    Ko Phi Phi also offers great value for money accommodations in the islands. Some of the hotels are


  • Arayaburi Resort



  • Phi Phi Hotel


    These hotels might offer moderate accommodations but these come with magnificent sea view.

    The hotels in Ko Phi Phi serves its guests with best of the facilities and comfort. Nestled in the pristine white sand beaches, these hotels are a perfect place to enjoy a luxurious yet adventurous vacation.

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