Things to Do In Lanai

It is difficult to try your hands at all the Things to Do In Lanai that include a range of activities of every description be it adventure, adrenaline or relaxation activities. Try to incorporate the following Things to do in Lanai on your trip to Lanai and experience the beauty of the islands with these activities.

Golfing on the Island of Lanai

Do not miss playing a round or two of golf at the two18-hole championship golf course hosted by its two 5-star resorts. The manicured greens are sure to sweep the golf lovers off their feet. The visitors can also avail of the special golf packages offered by these Resorts.

Do not miss to take a Whale-Watching Tour

If you are planning to tour this Hawaiian Island in between the months of December and March, get aboard a vessel and head for the open ocean off the island coast to sight the marvelous humpback whales. Many tour companies provide a guarantee to the visitors for whale sighting.

Kayak Lanai's Pristine Shores

Those who are yet to try their hands at paddling a kayak, do not hesitate as it is as simple as riding a bicycle, just a two-minute briefing and you're off exploring the enchanting Lanai coastline on your own. Though a guide can lead you the best spots to marvel at the green sea turtles, pods of dolphins and, during the winter season, humpback whales, kayaking through the Lanai coast at your own leisure is no doubt an experience to savor.

Snorkeling on Lanai Island

Enjoy Snorkeling in the calm Lanai Bays, including the Hulopoe Bay popular for its playful Dolphins.

Find Dolphins on Lanai

One of the most memorable sights of Lanai is looking out at the glimmering Pacific morning sun and spotting a pod of wild dolphins spinning care freely in the warm pacific waters giving the impression of being shiny spinning toys putting up a show to amuse the child in each of us.

Diving in Lanai's Pristine Waters

Explore the secret under water wonder world of Lanai from its living coral reefs, sea caves, large varieties of exotic friendly and not-so-friendly fish, sea turtles, eels and sea caves.

Surfing in Lanai

Surf in the high riding waves off this Hawaiian Island.

Sailing in Lanai

With ideal year-round sailing conditions, hire the yachts of different sizes available on rent and hit the waters on your own.

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