Things To Do in Bali

Bali is never short of action. Something or the other is always there to keep you busy all day long. Even the night sin bali are not spared. They are simply rocking. The activities in Bali includes

Fishing, Paragliding , Parasailing , Sailing, Water Skiing & Jet Ski and Windsurfing as the adventurous sea activities.

Some of the fun activities in water includes Waterbom Bali, Wakeboarding, Sportfishing,Dolphin Watching, Diving and Nitrox.

Let your kids enjoy the leisure in Bali at the TIME ZONE, a great place for kids and a shopping paradise for their parents.

The adventures in Bali continues with the Safari tour! The open top cars drive through the Canggu region to the mountains and the Hot Springs of Yeh Panas. From their to the rice fields. A whirlwind journey filled with excitement.

The Land Rover drive into the heart and soul of Bali makes another great trip in the island. The four wheel roaring drive through the rice fields and the tropical forests is simply exhilarating.

Enjoy the panoramic view of Bali with the Helicopter Tours.

Learn the art of mountain climbing in Bali. Conquering the Gunung Agung peak is all but enthralling. the climbing is not advisable during rainy seasons(November to March).

Enjoy the excitement of the local Bull races in Negara, Bali. Check out the schedule for the next one!

A.T.V Touring or the "All Terrain Vehicles" touring. Don't miss this latest craze in Bali.

Its time to learn some of the exotic local Balinese cuisines. Take necessary tips from the Casa Luna Cooking School classes.

Also learn about the famous Balinese Music And Dance. Learn it from the The YAYASAN POLOS SENI (Foundation for Pure Art) in Ubud.

Another great source of entertainment in Bali is its Cinema. There are a total of only 2 cinema halls in the country. You will be amazed to see the excitement of locals for cinema.

If you are in bali never miss an opportunity to check your Skills at the game of Golf. Bali offers the famous Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club, set in the beautiful countryside of Mount Batur. You also have the choice of Bali Golf & Country Club, an 18-hole course in Nusa Dua. This course hosted the 1994 Alfred Dunhill Asian Masters.

Rock your Night life with the numerous Discos And Clubs around Bali with live band performances and DJ nights.

With activities all around Bali never sleeps! offers information about Things To Do in Bali along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour.

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