Things to Do In Big Island

Adventure, adrenaline, leisure and recreational, there is no end to the list of Things to do in Big Island.

Air Tours

Experience the thrill of touring a live volcano with air tours provided by various companies

Bicycling and Biking

Peddle through the enchanting biking trails taking you to the hidden exotic corners of the island. You can avail of the Hawaiian Cycling Tours offered by some tour operators.

Big Game Fishing

Fish off the famous Kona Coast of Hawaii and take a picture with you catch.


Enjoy seven days of non-stop fun and frolic and celebrations for New Year. A special 7-day dance/music/Technology extravaganza will haul you with full enthusiasm into a new year.

Cave Tours

Admire the Kula Kai Caverns and explore this hidden beauty of the Big Island, still a secret. Dance, Yoga

While on a pleasure trip to Big Island, you can enroll in the beginner's classes in Yoga Dance and learn some new steps of Modern Dance and Hip Hop. You can also learn the folk dances here.


Put your skills to test with a stick on the manicured greens of the many Golf Courses here. You can also take advantage of the Hawaii golf packages, discount golf card and golf vacations offered.

Hikes and ecotourism

Enjoy hiking through the lush greens of the Island while marveling at the rich floral and faunal assemblage here.

Horses, Biking, Hiking

High above the Waipio, you can go Horseback riding, 4x4, Biking and Hiking through one of the pristine areas on the Big island of Hawaii.


The guided sea kayaking tours on the Kona coast will take you to an enchanting world of tropical fish, coral reefs, sea turtles, spinner dolphins and humpback whales.


Rejuvenate yourself with Therapeutic Massages or various healing arts like Swedish, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Reiki & Craniosacral

Scuba Diving

Do not miss diving into the waters off the Hawaiian coast.

Take Surf Lessons

Come to the "Baywatch" island and learn to surf from the Hawaii Lifeguard Surf Instructors themselves.


Shop until you drop in Big Islands.

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