Things to Do In Hawaii Islands

Travour brings you the list of 8 best things to do in Hawaii Islands.

1. Visit the active Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island

Do not miss to experience the once in a lifetime chance of visiting Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. For the adventurers, the best way is to hike through the thick rainforest to reach this Volcano sitting on the southeastern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii.

2. Take a helicopter tour over the island of Kauai

Enjoy the God's perspective of the island of Kauai, as you hover over it on a helicopter. The unique vantage point seems to add to the panoramic view that is hard to be described in words. The thrill of flying through the majestic emerald mountains piercing the sky is an incomparable one.

3. Relax on sun kissed beaches of Hawaii

Hawaii has long been synonymous with sunny beaches, golden sands and warm azure waters kissing the shores. Relax on some of the loveliest beaches in the world. No one can resist this combination of the sun, sea and sand.

4. Take a whale-watching catamaran cruise

Join in the batch of fun and frolic hump back whales that leave their rich Alaskan feeding grounds each winter and swim to the warm shallow waters surrounding the islands of Hawaii. If you are lucky, you might catch these giant creatures "breaching" - launching themselves into the air sometimes completely out of the water.

5. Get ready for Snorkeling off the island of Molokini

For snorkeling, hit Molokini for its popular snorkeling sites, by virtue of the near transparent waters enabling clear underwater vision, and the most colorful aquatic life.

6. Bike down Maui's Haleakala Mountain at sunrise

Test your biking skills by undertaking the challenge of biking down Haleakala, one of the largest mountains in the world, a dormant volcano full of volcanic rock, both inside its crater and on its slopes. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset are enough motivation for many to keep their feet firmly on the peddle.

7. Watch the Grand Canyon of the Pacific - Waimea Canyon on Kauai

The sheer magnanimity of the canyon, one mile wide, 10 miles long, and over 3,600 feet in depth, overwhelms the observer.

8. Enjoy a round of golf at any of Hawaii's world class courses

It is difficult to resist the manicured greens of the Hawaiian Golf courses. Golfers have an overwhelming choice of more than 80 courses on six idyllic islands, with locations ranging from upcountry rainforests to Coral Sea cliffs and sandy beaches to choose from.

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