Mauritius Ferry

The Republic of Mauritius is positioned in the south west of the Indian Ocean, half way between Africa, Asia and Australia. The island which has a volcanic origin covers a total area of 2,035 square kms. Refined by sandy beaches and is secluded by one of the longest uninterrupted coral barriers of the world the land has a pleasant climate, tropical during summer and sub tropical during winter.

The principal rivers are the Grand River South East and the Grand River North West , additionally; some lakes have formed in the volcanic craters. These two rivers are connected by ferry service.

During your journey to the west coast visit a school of dolphins. The ferry service or catamarans allow you to see the majestic beauty of the Tamarin Bay and the Rempart mountain and Black River.

Your ferry trip to the sheltered waters of the east coast lagoon has to be an enjoyable one. Boating in this lagoon would permit your glance to fall on the stunning mountain scenery from the sea. Grande Rivière Sud Est and its waterfall would accompany you while you are on the boat.

The boat may take you to the famous island of Ile aux Cerfs . Sun worshipping on the alluring white beaches or swimming in the warm turquoise waters would surely add a new charm to your journey.

You can sail from Grand Baie to Ilot Gabriel . It is a charming island at the north of Mauritius, secluded by its own tranquil waterbody. There you would find the scope for swimming and snorkeling. offers information on Mauritius Ferry . For more information about Mauritius ferry services and other islands worldwide, keep browsing through Travour.

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