Tasmania Ferry

The most popular ferry in Tasmania is New Spirit Of Tasmania I and II . The ferry commences from Melbourne covers Victoria and concludes at Devonport, taking 10 hours for the total journey. The ferry has recently doubled its ships, thus doubling the crossings with the commitment o provide double the convenience to its travelers.

The twin ships have further added to the flexibility of sailing to or from Tassie overnight and that too every night!

Have fun, as the new Spirit of Tasmania cuts through the turquoise waters of Bass Strait one of the highlights of the trip. Feel the excitement and romance of sea travel, as you kick start your holiday amidst the lap of Nature and luxuries on board, thus getting the best of both worlds.

Tasmania, being an archipelago of more than 300 islands operates ferry services between major islands to enable easier navigation for visitors who want to explore some of the larger ones. 

Maria and Bruny islands easily qualify as two of the most popular island destinations of visitors by virtue of their unspoiled environ. Preserved as a National Park, Maria Island is home to various endemic species of wildlife including the Forester kangaroo, wallabies, potaroos and Cape Barren geese. 

The sparsely inhabited Bruny Island is home to a mini population of only 500 people while being of the same size as Singapore.

Ferry service is provided to both the islands. While the Bruny Island Ferry is a regular car ferry, the Maria Island Ferry carries passengers and their gear only. Cars are not allowed on Maria.

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