Galapagos Island Vacation Packages

Some popular Galapagos Island Vacation Packages and tours provided by various tour operators combine other places of Ecuador as well like Peru and the Incas. These vacation packages are a rage with the tourists and are mostly exploratory in nature offering them a unique vacation experience.

  • Galapagos Islands Cruise
  • Colonial Ecuador & the Natural Wonders of the Galapagos Islands
  • Land Galapagos
  • Ecuador and the Gal√°pagos
  • Galapagos Yacht Cruise
  • The Galapagos: A Family Adventure
  • Wonders of the Galapagos
  • Highlights of Ecuador & the Galapagos
  • Wonders of Peru with Galapagos Islands Extension
  • Galapagos & Inca Discovery
  • The Lost World
  • Wildlife Adventure
  • Amazon To The Andes & Galapagos
  • Quest of the Gods & Galapagos
  • Highlights Of Ecuador
  • Inca & Galapagos Explorer

  • Inca Empire & Galapagos
  • Andes & Galapagos Express
  • Full Ecuador
  • Inca and Darwin Experience
  • Galapagos and Peru Encompassed
  • Galapagos & Absolute Peru

    Some other Galapagos Island Vacation Packages and tours are designed on the basis of a particular activity around the island that interests the tourists and are grouped under illustrative names. These are a perfect choice for the adventurers.

    Galapagos Island Tours - Diving

    Explore the colorful and exotic natural wild life and exciting underwater animals with scuba diving and snorkeling- two of the most popular past-times whilst on a Galapagos Island tour.

    Galapagos Tours - Kayaking

    Do not miss the latest rage on any Galapagos tour - Kayaking on the inland rivers and coastal waters.

    Galapagos Tours - Bird Watching

    A rich and exotic variety of the bird species inhabiting the island, including sea birds are the main attraction of the Galapagos island. A paradise for the bird watchers, the rainy season extending from January to April is the best time to capture them in your shutterbugs.

    Galapagos Island Tours - Iguana and Trekking

    Trek to spot the large communities of Iguanas living on the Galapagos Islands.

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