Honeymoon in Yap Island

Honeymoon is essentially the best time in the life of any married couple. It that time of life when everyday you wake up with a smile next to your true love, your skin glows and eyes sparkle every time you see the person next to you and you believe that things can not be any better than this. But for all this to happen, it is imperative that you plan for your dream honeymoon in advance. To make your Honeymoon planning all the more exciting, travel specialists at Travour bring you Honeymoon in Yap Island, to make your Honeymoon fancy come true.

Join in the Yapese tradition of chants & dances, often dating back to ancient times and a prominent part of the Yapese culture, these chants & dances are narrative in nature, giving an oral rendition of ancient myths and folklores that have been passed on for generations, in an attempt to preserve the Yapese heritage.

Spark up your passion in this magical land, shrouded in an esoteric charm, with various Honeymoon packages offered by Hotels on the Yap Island.

Honeymoon Packages in Yap Island

Special Honeymoon Package including:

  • 7 Days and 7 Nights of Romantic getaway in the Yap Island
  • Explore the Island magic with Island Tour
  • Enjoy a sumptuous Dinner for 2
  • Snorkel in the clear pacific water off the Yap Shore
  • Have a two some picnic in an exotic nook of the pristine Yap Beaches
  • Sea Kayaking is also available

    Pathways hotel also provides a Honeymoon package to the newly weds on the island, which includes

  • Enjoy Wine (red or white)in your Honeymoon Shack
  • Arrival with Honeymoon Lei's
  • Enjoy the 2 hour Island tour
  • Airport transfers and daily continental breakfasts are included in the package

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