Things to Do In Yap Island

Yap Island is essentially an eco explorer's heaven with enchanting rainforests, mysterious historical ruins, rich cultural heritage and a growing international repute for its water sports galore especially diving; it is a magnet for tourists of all kinds. A list of must do activities and best Things to Do in Yap Island has been compiled by Travour to assist in your travel planning.

Visit the Art Galleries and Local Art Outlet to check out the cultural product of this mysterious Island as manifested in its many indigenous art forms.

Take Cultural Tours around the island to get a flavor of the aestheticism that prevails over the island that can be traced back to the earliest civilizations that once flourished on the island.


Do not miss the Giant Mantas- one of the true wonders of the sea, which may weigh upwards of a ton and stretch more than twelve feet from tip to tip. What's delightfully surprising about these Mantas is that despite their massive frames, they glide effortlessly through the sea.

Embark on an Eco Tour of Yap Island

Venture into the rainforests and jungles with a guide to explore the rich floral and fauna of Yap.

Sport fishing in Yap Island

Apart from harboring some excellent diving spots, Yap Island is also known for its extremely fertile fishing pockets in the North Pacific, and the waters outside. Get ready for your fishing gear and if you are lucky you might catch any combination of Mahimahi, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish and Blue Marlin, some of the most common big fish in Yap's waters.

Surfing in Yap Island

Get on the sweeping waves off the coast of Yap on your surfboard and enjoy surfing in Yap Island.

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