Yap Island Cruises

Strewn across the velvety folds of the Western Pacific are some of the most ancient and wondrous necklace of islands in the world. Largely unexplored, hiding some exotic spots yet awaiting to be discovered and an enticing mélange of age-old practices followed by the islanders to preserve the identity of their primitive culture along and modernity carving out a place for it on these islands to cater to the specific needs of the international tourists who come enamored by its charisma. Explore all this and much more with Yap Island Cruises that give you a glimpse of the island's culture, remnants of World War II sites in the Pacific, and offers you some excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities on Earth.

A Popular Yap Island Cruise is Truk Lagoon Wreck Diving Cruise

Though more of a tour, this eco tour takes the cruisers onboard to a marvelous excursion of the superb corals and the spectacular underwater world of Yap. You can have the time of your life with 7 days of continuous diving

Enjoy this scuba diving tour in Truk and Yap lagoons, and island cruises on the Thornfinn cruiser.

Important Pacific Islands Ports in Yap Island:

  • Gaferut Atoll, Yap
  • Ifaluk Atoll, Yap
  • Satawal Island, Yap

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